A Brief History of our Islamic Center
The Islamic Center of Virginia (ICVA) was founded in the mid-1970’s by a group of Muslim pioneers in Richmond. This includes Dr. Raja Rashid, Mr. Amir Zinat, and Dr. Ali Hussaini . This center got its IRS tax exempt status on May 18, 1976. The land, which currently hosts the Islamic Center, was acquired on November 11th, 1981. Today, this Center is the largest of its kind in Central Virginia, thanks to the dedication of the community and the leadership and initiatives taken by the likes of Mr. Jameel Jalal Abed,  Dr. Nazir Chaudhary, Mr. Hossain Beyad, Mrs. Zareen Akbar, and many others. 

The ICVA is a leading religious, spiritual, and cultural center which fulfills the needs of area Muslims. The outreach of our Center goes beyond serving the central Virginia Muslims and we are recognized as a leading institution in the inter-faith effort of the larger metropolitan area.
ICVA has played a very pivotal role in all religious matters, providing both financial and dynamic support in the time of needs, crisis, educating the new generation, and refreshing the knowledge to elders.  

ICVA assumes and carries a leading role for all mosques and Islamic institutions of Greater Richmond and surrounding areas with the help of incredibly dedicated volunteers from all  Islamic centers and local communities.

The mission of the Islamic Center is to:
1. Establish a center that meets the religious needs of all Muslims regardless race, color, gender, sect and ethnic backgrounds.
2. Provide education of all aspects of life, including but not limited to religion, marital matters, financial aspects, and moral upbringing of our children and youth.
3. Provide financial support to people in need, such as in times of natural disasters and other crisis.
4. Provide support and spiritual guidance in many matters, including medical and financial needs of our community.

3/21/2022 12:00:00 AM